MMA Referee Blake Grice | Relax Americans, Arabs Don’t Want To Kill Us

For a long time, Muslims and/or Arabs have been portrayed by mass media as what has become known as the “Three B syndrome”: Billionaire, Bomber, and Belly Dancer.

It frustrates us to see that we are thought of in a way that is far away from reality, and no matter how hard Arabs and/or Muslims are trying to fight these misconceptions, it is still really a challenge to erase them.

Whether it’s Hollywood cinema or mainstream news portals, one cannot deny how effective the media is on every individual.

MMA referee Blake Grice has taken it upon himself to make it clear to fellow Americans that the Middle East is not what they think it is:

“The Middle East is a very safe place to be at, and the people here are the kindest, most hospitable, and most generous I have ever met. Relax Americans, Arabs don’t want to kill us”

Blake Grice is a veteran referee in the cage, most recognizable from his duties with the Ultimate Fighting Championship, as well as our own Desert Force MMA Championship, Phoenix MMA Championship, and Wawan’s GFC.

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