Mohamad Ghorabi Responds to Hajjajy’s Allegations of Drug Abuse

Talk between Desert Force Welterweight Champion Aniss Al Hajjajy and winner of Al Academiya welterweight title Mohamad Ghorabi is heating up

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Welterweight Champion Aniss Al Hajjajy and winner of Al Academiya welterweight title Mohamad Ghorabi were originally set to face off in the last Desert Force event (Desert Force 12) in a welterweight title fight that was canceled following immigration issues for Hajjajy. His challenger Mohamad Ghorabi (3-0) fought a non-title fight on the main card against Bechir Majri whom he managed to batter ferociously. Ghorabi showed off his usual aggressive striking game hurling himself in at Majri, and with big effect as usual.

Talk between Hajjajy and Mohamad Ghorabi is heating up, as the two traded verbal jabs at each other on social media today.

It started when Aniss Al Hajjajy posted on Facebook accusing Ghorabi of drug abuse, which reads as follows:

Some guys sad that, yes he used to doping but now he’s clean, my question is, how could you trust somebody like that, sorry only test I will trust is blood test

Ghorabi fired back with his response on his Facebook account with what translates as:

Aniss Al Hajjajy, welterweight title holder, is whom I will challenge end of this year. I wish that the best mans wins, however Aniss has been mentioning on his facebook page false statements about me abusing drugs.

My brother Aniss, concentrate well on your training, this is only a sign of fear and cowardness, I will be the one asking for a drug test for me and you before the fight. I promise you a game that will make you regret being a fighter.

Finally, I ask you to take good care of the shield which I will be taking away from you to my home country, Lebanon.


What do you think fans? Who will win this one? Come December! Let this be settled once and for all, man-to-man inside the cage!

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  • Its a known fact that Ghoraby did use drugs , the Jordanian Olympic committee had actually banned him to fight in Jordan for 2 years but since people like him are need to promote the show the organizers are willing to look the other way and pulled some strings . Drug test for each and every fight he makes is a must.

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