Mohamad Ghorabi Fighter Breakdown


Dear Arabs MMA fans. This is going to be a series of new articles regarding fighters’ stats. I hope you enjoy. For your comments kindly comment below the article. Now I have reviewed all the fights that are available for each fighter and broke down the stats as follows:


  • Punches while standing.
  • Punches while on the ground.


  • Low or leg kicks.
  • Body kicks.
  • Head kicks.


  • In clinch.
  • Standing (outside the clinch).

I hope you enjoy them.

The first article is going to be about the 77 weight class fight card which is going to be between Mohamad Ghorabi and Ezzeldine Belharch. This is going to be a much anticipated fight since both fighters entered Desert Force Academy as favorites in their weight class and both fighters entered the Academy via K.O. I will only share Ghorabi’s figures since Belharch only has 3 fights 1 of them ending with submission (without throwing any effective punch), while the other one is his entrance fight that ended with 2 punches. I can’t use the third fight, the one against Traiki since he was injured and would create externalities.



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  • Very nice article ,I think we should have more of these for us fan to get a better knowledge on the fighter we support ,good luck for ghorabi tonight

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