Mohamed Ali, Hassan Talal, and Jarrah Al Silawi on Cage Warriors 61 Card

Cage Warriors 61 will witness a number of great bouts featuring up and coming local amateurs along with other arab and international fighters who will set the venue on fire. Mohammed Ali Felx, Bachir Yammine along with Hassan Talal, and Jarrah Al Silawe from Team Source are on the card this time.

Jarrah Al Silawe to his left Master Sami Aljamal

Jarrah al Silawi

Jarrah al Silawi one of the top amateur fighters in CWFC will be having his first professional fight in Cage Warriors on the 13th of december in Sports City, Amman. After his consecutive wins against tough opponents finishing them by KO or Submission, Jarrah is ready to go pro! This kid has excellent Muay Thai skills as he is the current Jordanian Muay Thai champion. His training with Master Sami Aljamal and Tarek Kalimat at Team Source along with sparring with fighter’s like Yazan Janeb (5-2), Yousef Abu Shreekh, Al Silawi now adds good jiujitsu skills to his arsenal.Will he emerge victorious in his Debut! Let’s wait n see.

Mohammed “Felx” Ali

Mohammed “Felx” Ali

Mohammed Ali will face James Hurrel in the pro light heavyweight division. Ali won his last fight with a neck cranking guillotine in the first minute of the fight in what was his first submission ever. Felx has explosive striking and heavy hands making him a brawler by nature. Hurrell on the other hand is a KO expert and loves to trade so the fans are going to love this one! Ali is ready for this fight, and will be looking to earn the W in Amman, Jordan again!

Hassan Talal

Hassan Talal

Hassan Talal is one of the best fighters in the Iraq, currently training with Team Source he is yet to earn his first win in the cage. His latest loses were obviously due to his lack of ground game, yet how much will that change now!? Hassan will look to prove that his grappling game is getting better against the Lebanese Bechir Yammine. Master Raad Jamal and a huge number of Jordanian and Iraqi fans will be eager to watch this fight happen inside the CWFC cage.

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