CWFC 61: Mohamed Ali Makes Quick Work Of Hurrell Via TKO

Mohamed Ali entered this fight as a favorite and Yes, He delivers!


Mohamed “Felx” Ali (9-5) entered this fight as a favorite and Yes, He delivers! After defeating Prince Aounallah at Cage Warriors Fight Night 9, just one minute into the fight, Ali comes back hungry and puts an end to Hurrell 4 minutes into the first round Via brutal pounding!

As the fight got going, James Hurrell (6-4) probably had many places he’d rather be than walking off a low blow from Mohamed Ali (9-5). But after doing so, maybe it was that low blow that was as good as it was going to get for him. Soon after the restart, Ali was all over Burrell with hard legal strikes. Hurrell was forced to turtle up to try to survive a flurry of Ali strikes on the ground – he rained down with hammerfists, knees to the body, took Hurrell’s back and traded off from rights to lefts and back again. He got a little anxious and tried to back mount, and Hurrell escaped to his feet. But that didn’t last long before Ali continued to dish out the punishment. Hurrell had almost nothing to offer in return. With Hurrell’s mouthpiece in the center of the canvas, Ali kept pounding until the referee finally stopped things at the 4:02 mark of the first.

It seems like no one can stop the determined Felx from achieving his goal. As his opponents get better n better Mohamed Ali surprises us with a more dominant attitude! This guy is surely one of the Top if not the best Light heavy weight in the Middle East, Period!

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