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971 FC | Fakhreddine “I paid him back, double the price” 

Mohammad Fakhreddine just increased his knockout win ratio from 80% to 81% after last night at the inaugural event of 971 FC.

For weeks, Fakhreddine and Gianni Mellio would be involved in heated exchanges online and in person. Gianni would even unbutton his pants; bizarrely in a face-off he would have with Fakhreddine prior to their bout a few days ago.

“He shouldn’t have taken his pants off, I know what he means” Fakhreddine would remark quite ambiguously to MMA All OUT. 

The animosity between both men originated from Fakhreddine’s training partner and friend, Mohammed Karaki, getting violently sucker punched by his Italian opponent, 2 years ago at UAE Warriors.

The bout itself was actually quite back and forth; the Lebanese fighter would get dropped early in the first round, where Melillo would control Mohammad Fakhreddine for the entirety of Round 1. 

In Round 2, Mohammad came out like a bat out of hell and absolutely demolished Gianni with a beautiful straight right hand, and would then follow up with multiple thudding shots even after Melillo was out unconscious. 


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When asked if the extra shots on his unconscious opponent were intentional, the Lebanese fighter emphatically admitted to this. 

“Oh yeah, that was intentional…for a couple of reasons, what he did at the weigh-ins and what he did to Karaki too… I guess I paid him back, double the price” 


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With a win, Fakhreddine is looking to be the next big star at 971 FC. Does he also become their inaugural Champion at Middleweight too? Only time will tell and we cannot wait to see future 971 FC events will look like going forward.

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