Mohammad Fakhreddine: Brave CF Welterweight Belt is Mine

With slightly more than a week before the anticipated fight for the Brave Combat Federation’s welterweight strap in Brazil, Mohammad “The Latest” Fakhreddine seems more confident than ever that he’s going to get the job done and walk away with the belt around his waist.

In an interview with Fakhreddine, the 10-1 Lebanese warrior who has become the face of mixed martial arts in the Middle East, “The Latest” had quite a bold comment to make in face of his opponent’s accusations before their scheduled fight on the 12th of August for the Brave welterweight title.

Holding a professional record of 7 wins, 1 loss and 1 no contest, Carl “The Bomber” Booth made his professional debut in 2014 by knocking out a very promising Arab prospect, Jarah Al-Silawi, in just 31 seconds of the opening round. In his defense, Al-Silawi is actually the first and only fighter to hold a victory over Mohammad Fakhreddine, though he lost to him in their rematch where Fakhreddine had his revenge. That being said, Booth is doubtlessly the most dangerous opponent that Fakhreddine has faced thus far and will be extremely unwelcoming of Fakhreddine walking away with what he believes is his welterweight title.

In this interview, Fakhreddine talks about his younger brother, Hassan Fakhreddine, who came from a boxing background to make his professional mixed martial arts debut in Brave Combat Federation and grab the victory via second round TKO. He continues to neutralize Carl Booth’s accusations of him previously dodging a fight with him for the welterweight title. Here is what Fakhreddine had to say:

“Hey guys I’m here in Lebanon, just came here a couple of days ago and finishing my camp in Lebanon. First of all, I want to congratulate my brother on winning his professional debut in Mexico at Bravo Combat Federation. I want to thank them for giving him the opportunity to prove himself and he did a great job in finishing Reyes. Reyes has about 27 amateur fights they were saying and has a couple of professional fight. Anyway, I want to talk about my fight as well. Booth has been saying that he called me out or said that he wanted to fight me, but then I said that I wanted a warm up fight. That’s completely untrue. I’ve been asking for this fight since I got in to this organization, ever since he signed up and got his first professional fight in Brave. He saying that I should be careful what I’m asking for. I don’t ask for anything, I get what I want and I take what I want and on August 12th, I’m gonna take that belt, that’s exactly what I’m gonna do”.

Of course, with the fight being just around the corner, both men feel ready to go into battle However, with two elite fighters of their caliber going at it, who will emerge as the victor and get the ultimate spoils of war? It’s surely one of the best fights yet to have been scheduled on the Brave Combat Federation card and it’s one not to miss.

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