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Mohammad Fakhreddine: From Fighting Mounir Lazzez to Fighting For Him

Mohammad FakhreddineMohammad Fakhreddine has a history with the 971 FC promoter that goes back nearly a decade.

The Latest is joining 971 Fighting Championship which is helmed by a man who was once targeted to be an opponent of his, Mounir Lazzez. It was August 2014 where Fakhreddine versus Lazzez was supposed to go down but a rib injury to Lazzez forced their Desert Force 13 bout to be scrapped. Fakhreddine would go on to earn a second-round TKO finish over Georges Eid who replaced Lazzez in the contest.

Speaking to Arabs MMA and discussing his history with Mounir Lazzez, Fakhreddine said,

“I am fighting under the 971 FC banner in this fight and I know it’s led by Mounir Lazzez. Despite everything that was happening between me and him. There was a potential fight [with Lazzez]. All that is gone now, we’re just talking business. He’s a great guy, I’ve always had respect for him as a person. I consider him as top five in our world as a welterweight. He accomplished a lot in that game. I’m actually very happy and honored to be fighting under the 971 FC banner. Because I know he’s been there, he’s done that.”

“He knows all the struggles. It was super easy talking to him and dealing with him. He knows what fighters want and what they need and how to deal with fighters. Because he’s been there and done that. It will be an honor fighting under the 971 FC banner.”

971 FC

As far as if that fight with the former UFC combatant could finally happen around ten years later after that aforementioned booking attempt, Mohammad Fakhreddine stated,

“I don’t know about the fight if we could possibly see that fight between me and Lazzez. I’ve spoken to him on a few occasions where we met and we talked. He doesn’t seem like he was very interested in fighting anymore. To me, that fight doesn’t interest me a lot anymore. I can’t drop down to welterweight. Can make super welterweight for sure but when you cut a lot of weight and you know your body where the limit is and how far your body can get down. I know I can get down to 79 kilos comfortably but then anything after that I always died.”

“So I know I can drop down super welterweight but I know I can’t drop down to welterweight. So to me, I don’t see that fight happening. I know he’s not interested in fighting at middleweight or super welterweight. So I don’t think he’s interested in fighting anymore. Especially when you have a promotion right now that you have to take care of and I know it’s a lot of work. Because I’ve organized a couple of events here in Lebanon. I know how much work it takes and I know the struggles that you go through. So a lot of props and a lot of respect to him for doing that.”


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