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Mohammad Fakhreddine Seeks “Revenge For My Brother” at 971 FC

Mohammad FakhreddineMohammad Fakhreddine finds himself in a bad blood-fueled bout but it took a lot to get here. The path toward his looming fight with 971 FC was not a smooth road by any means.

There were multiple names who reportedly did not take the match per Fakhreddine’s account before this Gianni Melillo match-up was signed.

The Melillo bout stems from an old beef that involved the Italian combatant landing what was described by many as a sucker punch KO to a friend of his.

Mohammad Fakhreddine vs Gianni Melillo

Speaking to Arabs MMA and shedding light on the whole timeline, Mohammad Fakhreddine said:

” Melillo was the last option. There was a couple of other guys who were more accomplished or had better records. Eslam Syaha and Jorge Bueno were offered the fight but they didn’t accept it. Melillo took the fight and I was happy he accepted because of the history between him and [Mohammad] Karaki. How that fight played out and what happened in that fight. I was happy that he took the fight so I could take revenge.”

 For The Kill!

Fakhreddine continued: ” ….The aspect of revenge is always there. I guess I do have that, especially with the way I was raised up. When someone does you dirty, you’ve got to serve them the right way. Like they say revenge is a dish better served cold. I’m there for the kill…. In and out, that’s it.”

Shedding light on the context of avenging his Mohammed Karaki, Italy’s Gianni Melillo and Lebanon’s Mohammad Karaki previously competed in a middleweight contest at UAE Warriors 20.  Though the bout lasted a little more than two minutes, it was not short of drama. There were knockdowns, a complaint of foul play, and then a knockout that left Karaki unconscious when he seemingly wasn’t even looking. WATCH HOW IT HAPPENED!


971 Fighting Championship

As far as discussing broader goals with this new promotion when talking to Arabs MMA, Fakhreddine stated,

“Looking beyond this fight my ambition and my goals are still the same, collect belts and collect names. I feel like it’s time for me to start looking for something in the future and start planning for the future. I’m 40 years old, I’m not getting any younger. But for the fighters who think I’m done, well good luck keep thinking that.”

971 FC takes place May 4 at The Agenda in Dubai, UAE and features 15 bouts. Fakhreddine vs. Melillo will headline the event.

Two co-main events will complement 971 FC. Adham Mohamed takes on John Mitchell in the 155 lbs category and Eslam Abdul Baset Syaha faces Dan Vinni. Stayed tuned for the latest news and updates on 971 Fighting Championship.



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