Mohammad Fakhreddine: Moe Farhat Got Robbed by the Judges

Mohammad Fakhreddine talks about the Lebanese Pro MMA Fight Night results and his thoughts about the judging.

Mohammad had 6 teammates competing with only 2 of them losing by decision! Yet , Fakhreddine had different thoughts on these results , in his point of view both Farhat and Saad were robbed and should have been victorious.

Congrats to Team Shogun’s Elio Makhoul and Rachel Abou Abdallah for their successful MMA debut , Michael Aoun and Baaklini for their awaited comeback .. A dream to some , Nighmare to others!!!

Check out this interesting video as Fakhreddine clearly states his opinion on this issue and on the overall judging performance at the Lebanese Pro MMA Fight Night!

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