Lebanese MMA Pro Cage Fight Night- Mohammad Farhat

Mohammad Farhat, fighting out of Team Shogun, is a name that resonates throughout the Arab MMA world following his impressive showing against the (likewise) physically imposing Abdel Ali Aitchou in Desert Force Round 2. Indeed, Farhat showed aggressiveness and power before getting caught in a nasty armbar which dislocated his elbow. Despite the injury, Farhat showed insane durability and heart, and kept on fighting for over 2 minutes! Beast! The bottom line is Farhat put on a memorable fight that fans will surely remembered. Farhat is a strong, tough, aggressive, has ground skills, and has been refining his muay thai skills with Team Shogun

Facing Farhat is Abdul Amir Hammoud from Tigers Team. Hammoud is a very technical striker (a member of the national boxing team) and 1st Division MuayThai National Champ, and will hold a significant reach advantage over Farhat (10cm). This is Hammoud’s Debut, but this fella is no stranger to combat sport! Will Farhat manage to overcome the reach advantage this time ? Or will Abdul Amir have a successful Debut at the Lebanese Pro MMA Cage Fight Night

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