Mohammad Ghorabi Rages At Enrique After Dishonorable Knee

Desert Force 24 – Paolo Enrique had a few dirty tricks up his sleeve against Mohammad Ghorabi at Desert Force 24, but that wasn’t enough to defeat the Lebanese bulldozer in a one-sided beatdown that went to a decision.

When the referee signaled the start of the second round, Ghorabi extended his fist offering a respectful touch of gloves, only to be countered with a knee from Enrique. It wasn’t illegal, but it was certainly sneaky.

As soon as the final bell rang, Ghorabi could be seen roaring at the Brazilian in a moment of rage, leaving some of the fans baffled.

Clearly unhappy with the Brazilian’s underhanded tactic, here’s what “Da Killa” had to say about his reaction:

“You can obviously see when you watch the fight, at the beginning of the second round, I went to touch gloves, Paolo took advantage and landed a cheap knee. This really got to me, so I saved it and didn’t want to react until the end of the fight. The roar was out of madness. He then went to grab my leg, and that’s why I slapped him.”

Watch the reaction below:

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