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Mohammad Ghorabi Speaks After Phoenix 2 KO Loss


Mohammad Ghorabi, Lebanon’s infamous MMA fighter spoke to ArabsMMA about his recent fight gone wrong!

At Phoenix Championship’s second edition (Phoenix 2) which took place on April 29, 2017 , Ghorabi unfortunately got hit with a long range left hook by none other than David Willmot that knocked him out cold, ending the fight with just 2 seconds left in the first round.

“The hit could have come anytime in that round. I was super focused the whole time, but IT Hit ME! I was taking this fight very seriously but he was fortunate to land the shot 100% on the jaw.”

The British fighter known for his well strategized tactics like a stealth tank took the win from right under Ghorabi’s nose, even though the Lebanese controlled and completely dictated the pace throughout the whole round.

“I knew he had skills and particularly this move. I was ready to counter it in many ways, but what’s done is done.”

Different athletes take wins and losses in various ways depending on the strength of their mindset. Ghorabi has taken this loss with a pinch of salt, positive about the fact that it happens to all great fighters during their careers.

“Fighters that don’t get knocked down, means that they’re not being tested and fighting paper champions not fighting legit opponents. Legendary boxers and MMA fighters have been KO’d, its part of the sport. Am coming back stronger, Wait for it.”

Spoken like a true experienced warrior, something that no doubt carries across his life. Soon to be married, Ghorabi takes his positive, understanding and warrior wisdom into his life long partnership in what will give him an even harder drive to come back stronger.

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