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Mohammad Karaki Vs Hossein Mehdi Did Not Go According to Plan!

Despite winning by first round submission and probably making the submission of the night, the Desert Force light heavyweight (93 KG) champ


Despite earning a first round triangle choke and probably making the submission of the night, the Desert Force light heavyweight (93 KG) champ, Mohammad “O Lutador” Karaki’s fight actually did not go according to his plan.

Making a possibly temporary drop to middle weight (84 KG), Karaki made his debut at the division facing a tough Iranian underdog, Mollamehdi, because he had nobody to fight in the light heavyweight rooters in Desert Force. However, this is not what made the bout between these two so special.

The real highlight of the fight occurred just seconds after the fight began. Moments after the referee called the fight to begin, Karaki stretched his fist to touch gloves with Mehdi, however, Mehdi, being the rascal (Most appropriate term I could think of), immediately stroke Karaki with a left hook cheap shot that landed well changing Karaki’s entire game plan and driving him to charge Mehdi for a quick finish.


“The fight went so fast, completely opposite to what I had in mind. This cheap shot changed everything. After he showed this spirit, I just wanted to finish this fight as fast as possible. He was not worth the battle. I really wanted to show everyone that my striking evolved! God willing, next time I’ll get the chance”

Doubtlessly, Karaki is an always classy fighter. The skill he showed coming back over and over again in every fight he’s been through is something worth admiring. Coming back from a cheap shoot, especially when the shot is a left hook to the face, is not easy ! But the composure and drive Karaki showed along with his exceptional Brazilian jujitsu skills to end his fourth fight in Desert Force in the first round, this one via his favorite arm bar/triangle submission, makes him a true champion and well deserving of his 4-0 record. But, the question is, will Karaki relinquish his light heavyweight shield and remain to fight at middle weight, or was this experience just a one time, temporary thing?

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