Mohammad Trigui: There Will be a lot of Blood, I Can Promise You That!

The fight of the Desert Force Al Academia season 1 graduates, Mohamad Trigui vs Silvester Saba.


The fight of the Desert Force Al Academia season 1 graduates, Mohamad Trigui vs Silvester Saba, believe it or not, a win for any of these two can quite possibly put them in a direct spot to challenge for the Desert Force title against the light weight champ, Tarek Hamdi, who is also an Al Academia graduate.

After his eye-catching performance and close decision loss to welter weight (77 KG) favorite Izz El Deen Belharch on the show, Trigui dropped down to light weight (70 KG) and made his Desert Force debut against Ahmad Al Boussairy who had already fought 4 pro fights in Desert Force including a title shot against previous champion, Haider Rasheed. Many thought this fight to be a miss-match until Trigui, the renowned striker, pulled off an arm-bar from the bunny hat and made Al Boussairy tap in the first round. All that came after a good old beating, just saying! Trigui, wasting no time, then fought in the next Desert Force against an aggressive Mohamed Hasan Badawy, finishing up by a Standing Guillotine also in the first round of the bout. Bottom line is, Trigui is for real!

While discussing his upcoming fight against Silvester Saba, who is also a very well established Desert Force fighter, having previously fought by the title, been the “Red Team” light weight favorite on the Al Academia show and bouncing off a clean win from his last Desert Force appearance, Trigui stated

“I think Silvester Saba is an OK fighter. He has some positive aspects, but surely has the negative ones.”

Since that statement didn’t really help us a lot with anything, Trigui continued to make a promise that hardcore fight fans can only hope he keeps.


“My fight against Silvester will be his hardest fight yet. I am not easy to beat. I’ve been through a lot of stand-up wars with way better strikers than Silvesters. If this fight goes 3 rounds, there will be a lot of blood, I can promise you that ! I won my last 2 fights, but I still didn’t show any of my weapons as a striker. Hopefully, this time I will have this chance.”

Trigui is a Muay Thai veteran and is super confident with how lethal his striking can be. Also, for a mixed martial arts fan, the word blood is always so convenient and instantly equivalent to a good fight. We definitely should thank our Arab fighters for always putting it all on the line and doing their best to give an always entertaining show.

Trigui ended with words supporting his team-mate Abdelali AitYachou in his fights Amir Ismail, aware that it is going to be a tough fight for his team-mate, but of course, hoping for the best outcome.


My teammate Abdelali is also fighting on this card. He has a very tough fight against Amir, but Inshallah Abdel Ali will end this one early and grab the win.

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