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Prodigious Mohammed Ali training at Shogun for his 2nd title defense at GFC

Mohammed Ali plans on coming back and training at the Team Shogun Gym in preparation for his 2nd title defense at GFC4

If you have passed by the Shogun gym in Beirut recently you might have come across a young Egyptian who packs a very strong punch for someone who weighs 57 KG and stands under 160cm. But if you look closer you will find that you are not looking at a casual weekend warrior, but rather Mohammed Ali, a GFC champion who will be defending his belt again at the upcoming GFC 4.


Mohammed Ali is currently outside Beirut but plans on coming back and training at the Team Shogun Gym in preparation for his 2nd title defense (less than 4 months away). This is his second camp with Shogun and he seems very happy with his new surroundings as does his coach Tarek Borjas. “Whats good for Ali is good for me. If it means he has to go train in Beirut with another team then that’s what should be done”

A prodigious talent, given the right environment, coaching and mentoring, he can turn his already dangerous arsenal into even more lethal weapons. The opportunity to spare with Desert Force Light Heavy Weight champion Mohammad Karaki and the Middle Weight #1 contender Mohammad Fakhreddine will surely push this young gun to new heights. Explosive, with fast hands and KO power, the future certainly seems bright for the young Egyptian.

Moh.Fakhreddine mentioned: First time I met Mohamed Ali I was in MMA class at Shogun II, that day most of the fighters attending class were high level and he still managed to catch my eye. Good movement and impressive boxing skills , this kid packs some good talent. Coming from a Boxing background myself, I immediately realized that this kid is something else.

His ground skills are basic, but this tactical move that he is about to do by joining Shogun will surely be for the best.He will learn and gain more experience, Ali is surely a good addition to our Team.

Check out Mohammed Ali’s previous fight at GFC 3 to have a clearer idea about the skills mentioned above.Who could GFC management have next for this young talent !

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