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Mohammed Fakhreddine leaves Team Shogun!

Mohammad Fakhreddine, Middleweight #1 contender for the title at Desert Force, announced in the early hours of the morning that he has left Shogun Gym where he had previously been for quite some time and joined Tiger Muay Thai gym ! fakhhh

In what will come as a shock to many fighters, little is known about why he chose to leave the club and what was the spark that caused this decision. Fakhreddine had become synonymous with the name Shogun over the years and could be always seen with many of his team members in his corner during his fights.

Yet , day after day more information was shared from both sides on all social media platforms showing that what happened was no coincidence.Master Kiblawi owner of Shogun gym , Fakhreddine’s former training base was unhappy with this sudden decision.

We treated Fakhreddine as a member of our family , gave him shelter and offered him all what is necessary to concentrate on his training. What he did was unexpected and we will leave the rest to the hands of the law”

Fakhreddine was thankful for the opportunities given by Team shogun yet refuted what was said by Master Sami Kiblawi concerning the availability of all necessities and a financial offer from Tiger Muay Thai gym owner to leave shogun gym yet said nothing about the legal documentation mentioned by Master Sami on his official Facebook page.fakh

The importance of having a manager clearly removes such inconveniences from the picture!More to come on this issue as we ArabsMMA have a one on one meeting with both sides.The question is , will this affect the most anticipated fight against Hashem Arkhagha that everyone is waiting for? Will such changes and decisions affect fakhreddine’s goal to be the next Desert Force Middleweight champion ??

ArabsMMA will reach out to the fighter and the gym for comment.

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