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Mohd Farhad Rafiq: “I Respect Kooheji, but I am sure that I Will Beat him by TKO”

The world’s fastest growing sport has been having its share of a boom in India. Over the last few years, and with the development of the All India Mixed Martial Arts Federation headed by president Aditya, India is gradually glowing brighter on the international map of mixed martial arts. Also, with the efforts and experience of individuals such as Abdul Muneer, as well as the rise and transparency of the supporting media, such as The Fan Garage, the level of mixed martial arts expertise amongst fighters, fans, coaches and officials is reaching another level.

This is the height Mohd Farhad Rafiq believes his country, India, has reached in mixed martial arts over the last few years. A well-known local fighter himself, who holds a professional mixed martial arts record of 9 wins with 2 loses, Rafiq has shared his thoughts with us not only about the development of mixed martial arts that he has recently been noticing in his country, but also about his upcoming fight with top Bahraini competitor, Hamza Kooheji, at Brave Combat Federation’s event, Brave 9: The Kingdom of Champions.

Riding a 6 fight winning streak, with his last two fights being at Brave Combat Federation, Mohd Farhad Rafiq has been gradually climbing the bantamweight ranks and working his way up to compete for the Brave CF title. His latest opponent, Kooheji, is fighting out of KHK Team in Bahrain, a team that Rafiq has established a good relationship. Putting his personal feelings aside, Rafiq is focused on the task at hand and on the clear goal of becoming the next Brave CF bantamweight champion.

Mohd Farhad Rafiq:

“Hamza is similar to me in many aspects. He represents Bahrain as the only Bahraini pro-MMA fighter and is the pride of Bahrain. Any athlete who steps into the cage deserves respect. This fight will be decided by who wants the victory more than the other. I will leave no stone unturned and will unleash the best ever version of me against Hamza. I trust he will bring the best in him against me. He stands in the path of my dream of grabbing the championship title at Brave Combat Federation. I am sure that I will beat him via TKO.”

Rafiq is notable for having the fastest win in the history of Brave Combat Federation thus far, as well as the longest winning streak in Indian mixed martial arts history. We asked Rafiq whether these achievements could pressure him to maintain a certain degree of performance, as well as how important these achievements are to him. In his answer, the only thing that Rafiq seemed to be focused on is performing well and representing his country to the best of his ability.

Mohd Farhad Rafiq:

“The records don’t mean much to me. What matters most is the opportunity to represent India and Indian mixed martial arts at a globally. The records are a result of the style of fighting along with team work and the efforts of those whom I have learned from in my training camp. I am glad to be the only Indian fighter who trains in India and represents the country internationally.”

With one of the hottest fight cards this year, it was interesting to know which fight Rafiq was looking forward to seeing on the Brave 9: The Kingdom of Champions fight card.

Mohd Farhad Rafiq:

“Atif Mohammad is close with Team Relentless and is one of the first MMA fighters to join KHK MMA. The India vs. Pakistan fight is one of the most talked about. Also it will be a great opportunity to see Elias defend his featherweight championship against Lucas Martins for the first time.”

Rafiq continued to share his plan about what he believes is the next step for him at Brave Combat Federation after potentially grabbing a victory in his upcoming bout.
Mohd Farhad Rafiq:

“I am hoping to fight for the championship title against Gurdarshan Mangat if he wins the title. I want to represent India against Canada and I will make sure to win the fight by TKO against Gurdarshan to bring the gold home.”

It is motivating to see two countries, teams and fighters who share so much respect and appreciation for one another. However, putting that aside, both Mohd Farhad Rafiq as well as Hamza Kooheji will be placing it all on the line and know that a title shot at the bantamweight strap is at stake after a clean victory at Brave 9: The Kingdom of Champions.

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