More Trash Talk From Ali Alnaemi Prior to His Desert Force 13 Fight

Here’s someone on the hot topics section lately. Ali Alnaemi is doubtlessly someone with a fiery personality.


Here’s someone on the hot topics section lately. Ali Alnaemi is doubtlessly someone with a fiery personality, but recently, he has been throwing threats left and right, the most notable of which is a recent video he posted threatening Mohammad Yahya in an exotic way (To say the least!).

Alnaemi seemingly cannot stand to tolerate Yahya vert much and wants to get his hands on him in the cage as soon as possible. In the pre-fight Desert Force show, “KablalMuajaha”, Alnaemi said:

“I really respect Hamza Nafush and loved the way he fought against Yahya. But, I ain’t no Hamza and I will show Yahya what I’m made of . I’m gonna show you a style that you personally will be surprised with.”

He continues to say that he is ready to fight anyone at any time no matter who or what his background is, explaining:

“I don’t really care who stands in front of me. Tall, big or small. It doesn’t matter if he’s the champion of the world or if he is made of flash. I fight to break my opponents.”

Still, however, Alnaemi did not end here. Since he now believes he is on a roll with his words and actions, Alnaemi extends his threats to include the current Desert Force light weight (70 KG) champion, Tarek Hamdi, saying:

“Don’t be really happy with the shield because my eye is on it. I’m gonna hang it here in my gym. I’m coming for you Hamdi.”

Alnaemi’s recent actions are surely a matter of debate. No one in the Arab region has trash talked as colorfully as Alnaemi did so far. This puts pressure on Alnaemi because he’s at a point now where he really needs to back it up if he plans of carving his route to Hamdi and the Desert Force light weight championship. But, first thing is first and things will be in better perspective after his fight with Mohammad Yahya on August 25 in Abu Dhabi.

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