Morocco’s Akrouh Armbar’s His Way To Victory

Another middleweight fight took place in the latest Episode of Al batal pitting the youngest fighter on the show


Another middleweight fight materialized in the latest Episode of Al Batal pitting the youngest fighter on the show: 19 year old Moroccan Walid Akrouh versus the respectful and aggressive Sofiane Seghir representing Algeria. The toughest fight so far in my opinion!

Most of the other fighters couldn’t foresee this one easily as both fighters displayed great skills and perseverance in training, but only one fighter walked out victorious.

Round one starts with an aggressive Walid rushing in with punches, going for the takedown, and eventually mounting Soufiane. Feeling jeopardized, Seghir escapes the mount but lands in a tight triangle which he manages to control. Walid feels it and transitions into a very tight armbar which in turn Soufiane escapes and positions himself in sidemount. Soufiane lands some strikes yet Walid recovers guard and neutralizes the position. ref stands them up.

Walid gets the edge of the stand up scuffle and managed to take it back to the ground seconds before the round ends.

Second round starts with Soufiane landing a dangerous front kick, but Walid rushes to take the fight to the ground where he seems to dominate more, mounts Seghir again and goes for an armbar, this time doing all it takes to finish the fight.

Another win for Team Baghdad giving them a 3-1 score of team Elbe.

Walid reigns victorious in this fight and shows everyone that he might have jokes and smiles outside the cage , but once the cage door closes it’s all business.

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