Mounir Lazzez Vs Mohamad Ghorabi For The Title!

A few days ago, a certain photo shared on social media, hammered the local mixed martial arts scenes’ curiosity.


A few days ago, a certain photo shared on social media, hammered the local mixed martial arts scenes’ curiosity. 10420383_892008184183817_5791347595393922308_n
The photo saw Desert Force’s Mohammad Mirza siding along with Rafael Haubert from Team Nogueira Dubai, while apparently holding a signed contract, the details of which were not shared or discussed.

In less than 24 hours, another photo again appeared on social media with Team Shogun’s manager, Louai Kiblawi, also holding a signed contract next to Mohammed “The Killer” Ghorabi with the caption “It’s Official”.

Let’s put the clues together in the simplest form possible ! On one hand, Team Nogueira’s most notable Arab fighter is Mounir “Sniper” Lazzez with a record of 2 professional fight wins inside Desert Force by way of devastating and very entertaining knockouts. On the other hand, we have Mohammad Ghorabi, who has finished his last 2 fights (Not to mention every fight he has ever been in) by way of TKO, with a signed fight contract. Accordingly, it doesn’t really need a genius to figure this one out!

Fans are officially set all in for the largest Desert Force treat yet, squaring the “Sniper” vs “The Killer” in what is surely to be much more than just a battle of badass nicknames. To say the least, with both these men’s highlight reels and impressive resume of fight finishes, this one has “WAR” tattooed all over it.

Stay tuned for more coverage and news.

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