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Mounir “The Sniper” Lazzez Ready To Face Mohammad Walid For The DFC Title

ArabsMMA caught up with the Tunisian stand-out fighter and Dubai FC combatant Mounir "The Sniper Lazzez!

ArabsMMA caught up with the Tunisian stand-out fighter and Dubai FC combatant Mounir “The Sniper Lazzez! Lazzez was initially supposed to face Tony Michielsen at DFC 4 in a co-headline event for the Dubai FC title but had to withdraw due to injury and witness Mohammad Walid take the interim title instead.


Mounir where have you been?

Same old really. Ever since my injury has healed I’ve been training as always and working and have managed to take some time off to do some traveling

We missed you at DFC4-Dubai Fighting Championship 4th installment due to injury. What exactly happened?

I broke my hand probably around 4-5 weeks before the event in sparring. I thought I had enough time for it to heal though so I continued training. I was already carrying a neck injury though at the time and although I felt I could take the fight the doctor told me that it would not be adviseable. Tam Khan (DFC President) also advised me that I wouldn’t pass the medical test that is procedure before the event and wouldn’t be able to fight even if I wanted to. I had no choice but to withdraw unfortunately.

Mohammad Walid jumped in on short notice and took your spot, eventually winning the interim title. Did you watch the fight?

I didn’t watch the fight. Mohamad Walid called me out after the fight and I readily accepted the challenge. He won the interim title, but to get the real thing he has to beat me! I’m not usually in to trash talking before a fight, my next opponent is always my most difficult so I look forward to this challenge. Never let confidence become arrogance

Any particular fights that interest you out there besides Walid?
Ill fight anyone they put out there in front of me. Ill prepare like always and aim for the win. There are some great guys out there, but I focus on my strengths.


How has training been recently? Any changes in the fighting system ?

I’m still training with the same guys I have been with since I first moved to the UAE (Glory Fight Team). Glory MMA Fight team and Tam Khan used to be known as Contender MMA but have recently changed the name and have a great facility with coaches for every discipline and top sparring partners. I owe a lot to them, Mahdi Ben Hammouda , Aymen Ben Ali Majdi and my coach in Canada Jamie McGowan. They have all been like family to me.

Tam Khan is a key player in the UAE MMA scene, as is Dubai FC. Would you ever consider moving to another promotion?

Tam has been like an older brother for me since the day I moved to the UAE. Of course one day I would like to make it to the UFC and fight the best in the world. But Dubai FC is my home, they put on the best fights in the Middle East and have some of the best fighters here and do a great job in the promotional side of thigns which can only benefit us fighters.

Thanks a ton Mounir! We look forward to seeing you in the cage soon!

Thanks a ton ArabsMMA and a shout out to my friends and family for their ongoing support and of course my fans for their well wishes. I hope I can make you all proud and entertain you all again soon! DFC 5-Dubai Fighting Championship , I’m back to take that belt and put it where it truly belongs

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