Nader Tannir: I train with the best, Hopefully I could make that Cedar tree proud!

ArabsMMA interview with Nader Tannir , Lebanese Mixed Martial Artist living in North Carolina, in his visit to Lebanon.

Nader Tannir: “I appreciate Master Sami Kiblawi for letting me come here and train at Shogun2 gym. I was really impressed by Mhamad Karaki, Karaki is gonna be a star.”

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  • This guy has never even fought. He doesn’t even know what martial arts is. No one likes to train with him cause he stinks. Plus he thinks he is some type of MMA expert… What a joke.

  • Nader never had a MMA fight, why is he talking as if he knows anything?
    Don’t listen to him, as he represents no one. He is a dreamer.

  • He’s fought once, and got choked out in 32 seconds. He’s a joke and everyone hates it when he shows up to one of our gyms. He’s attempted to fight a few more times but couldn’t make weight, because he didn’t even try. All he does is talk like he’s this great fighter but doesn’t even comprehend the most basic movements. When I first met him he claimed to be a “muay thai black belt” and was 50-0 in amateur mma.

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