Najmeddine Al Haddad Vs Christopher Silva Is Not Going to Happen at Desert Force 13


UPDATE: Earlier news annoucing that Najmeddine will be facing Christopher Silva seems to be a miss-communication.

Dubai’s Najmeddine Al Haddad will be facing Ready Team’s (Abu Dhabi) Christopher Silva at welterweight on Monday (August 25) as announced by Desert Force officials.

Silva was originally set to fight Abdullah Medjedoub who has been taken off the Desert Force 13 fight card after missing weight by 30 pounds.

Najmeddine had an awesome mixed martial arts debut at DFC Fight Night 2 in Dubai in November 2012 and won in the first round itself with remarkable ease. He had previously fought 280 Karate fights, 7 Boxing fights with 6 knockout wins, 22 fights in K-1 and Muay Thai, with 21 wins including 20 knockouts.

Interestingly enough, Silva also took his last fight against Abdelali Aityachou in two days notice in Desert Force ‘Vs the World’ last October and managed to control the heavier Aityachou to secure a decision win.

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  • wa7sh! Fuck Silva, who cares about him an his shitty team. Next thing they want to fight someone who cant see and has one arm to make more advantage for them

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