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Abzakh targeting bigger challenges, possible Europe fight

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One of the biggest Arab names in mixed martial arts, especially in Jordan, is the Circassian fighter Nawras “The Honey Barger” Abzakh. Holding the Desert Force bantamweight shield, with a professional record of 6 wins with no losses, Abzakh has never been defeated both as an amateur or as a professional, finishing all his amateur fights by way of quick first round submission, with 3 submission victories and 3 decision victories as a professional.

Abzakh’s last appearance in the cage came in Desert Force 25 back in the 19th of December 2016, where he scored a second round victory via his favorite submission technique, the gogo guillotine choke, to give his opponent Aldir Ramor Jr. the third loss of his career. Since then, Abzakh has not had any fights, but seems to be actively searching for one, but his search seems to be directed outside the Arab region.

In an interview with Abzakh, he explains that it’s time for him to find a bigger challenge and compete with fighters who have a higher or equally undefeated record. Abzakh seems to want to take it to the next step and is confident that he can only do so through fighting outside the Arab world, not because any incompetence on the Arab fighters part, but just because he cannot find what he’s seeking.

“There are quite a few competitors around in the Arab region for me to fight, but why would I be interested in fighting someone who has a much lower record or is not as established as I am as a fighter, especially if he carries a record of multiple losses. I need to focus on fighters who are still undefeated and have an impressive record in order for me to benefit from them, not just for them to benefit from me. I don’t want to be the stepping stone for anyone anymore. “

In regards to Desert Force, the promotion that once took the Arab mixed martial arts world by storm and had a huge helping hand in regionally establishing the sport, Abzakh, though having 5 fights under the promotion’s banner, was unsure of his future there. When asked what’s next for him, Abzakh gave us a glimpse that we might actually see him in action relatively soon.

“I don’t know what’s happening with Desert Force, but I see a lot of fighters going to Brave Combat Federation. I think my next fight will be in Russia. I’m not sure yet, but it appears to be that I’ll be fighting there in September, so I hope that works out”.

Fighting abroad is always a challenging, but our Arab fighters are proving over and over again that they excel in getting the W against any opponent in the world, no matter which nationality. Will we get to see Abzakh fight abroad in September and hopefully improve his record to an undefeated 7-0 ? Or, will he get his wish of fighting a high caliber opponent in a local Arab promotion ? For now, only time can tell.

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