Nawras Abzakh Understates Ahmed Faress; Challenges Him for a Fight

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Undefeated Jordanian MMA fighter Nawras Abzakh (6-0) has recently voiced his disbelief as to how Ahmad “Prince” Faress has been ranked as the #1 bantamweight fighter in the Middle East according to

It makes no sense to him. This is why Abzakh has publicly called out Fares, going as far as stating that if the two were to fight, he can easily choose how to end the fight. This is how confident Abzakh is in his arsenal.

“Ahmed Faress is ranked as the #1 bantamweight in the Middle East. I have nothing against this guy, i don’t even know him but put me in the cage with him and ill make a highlight reel out of this and finish him however the fans want it. The whole ranking list on this website doesn’t make sense, especially the guys under Faress also.”

For the few who don’t know, Jordan’s Nawras Abzakh has competed in several reputable fighting organizations; most notably Cage Warriors and Desert Force. His first amateur fight dates back to December 2012, where he managed to win over his opponent through submission.

Before turning pro, Abzakh carried on his winning run, compiling an amateur record of 3 wins without any losses. Fighting out of Team Narmouq his whole career, Nawras “The Honey Badger” was able to develop and polish his sambo skills, as well as other aspects of his game. His desire to always compete drove him to participate in a number of grappling, wrestling, sambo, and boxing matches.

Nawras then turned pro and took a forward leap with his mixed martial arts career. Being a high level combat sambo practitioner, he proved to be a handful for all three of his opponents, but was he good enough to go professional? He clearly eliminated these doubts by winning his pro-debut fight through unanimous decision.

His other five professional fights were a series of consecutive wins in Desert Force Championship, where he competed in the bantamweight division and ultimately clinched the title in his final bout with the Middle Eastern promotion. With the interruption of Desert Force events, Nawras has been inactive since late 2016, voicing out his willingness to compete in international promotions, if the opportunity arises.

As Nawras enters his prime years with plenty of experience inside the cage already, he is a prospect who promises to show a lot more.

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