Nawras Abzakh: “I Will Finish This Fight From The First Round”


After finishing both of Nassif Azar and Ahmad Hama in under 40 seconds of the beginning of the first round in Cage Warriors FC, the Circassian, Nawras Abzakh, is no longer interested in amateur fights and is taking every step to pursue a career in professional mixed martial arts competition.

In his last appearance at CWFC Fight Night 11, Abzakh’s head coach, Tymor Narmouq, the head coach of the Jordanian team, Team Narmouq, stated that it will be Abzakh’s last night of performing as an amateur fighter. After, Abzakh went inside the cage and submitted Hama in 36 seconds with his favorite, now trademark, guillotine choke. News about his move to professionalism, however, were not official until very recently, just a week ago. When speaking with his coach, Tymor, he said:


“Now the Training is more serious. It must be! Nawras will compete on an international level and we must be ready. These improvements don’t just happen. It’s the results of many years of the hard training and we feel very proud of this accomplishment.”

And proud you should be! Abzakh is very well possibly the only standing Arab fighter to make his way to professional mixed martial arts competition after only two appearances as an amateur under the Cage Warriors banner. Similar to his fight performances, that is doubtlessly a fast record time to go pro.
Abzakh feels composed and confident, as always about his upcoming fight against a well rounded Connor “Hand Grenade” Hignett, with a record of 3-2 in professional fights and several other experiences from unsanctioned fights around his waist. It will be Abzakh’s real test yet. On the matter of his thoughts pre fight, Abzakh answered:


“I will finish this fight like all other fights, from the first round. He is an experienced fighter, but I am confident and am tougher than him. This time I want to prove that I am not only a submission expert and out-box the English man.”

Nawras Abzakh has been putting consecutive eye-catching performances showing fast finishes and excellent all around skills. He is a hot prospect in the Arab mixed martial arts world and his next fight in Cage Warriors 71 is not to be missed.

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