After NC, Hadbi Clowns Fakhreddine: #didufindyourballs

A screenshot of Tahar Hadbi's Instagram post, which was deleted 1 day after it was posted
A screenshot of Tahar Hadbi’s Instagram post, which was deleted 1 day after it was posted

On November 17 at Brave 9 in Bahrain, welterweights Mohammad Fakhreddine and Tahar met in a fight that didn’t end the way anyone expected. It was in the second round, Tahar Hadbi landed another low blow on Fakhreddine, sending the latter to the hostpital on a stretcher resulting in a no-contest.

After the fight, ArabsMMA caught up with Fakhreddine who re-assured everyone that no lasting or permanent damage was done. In the video statement, Fakhreddine was seemingly in good spirits and made it clear that he would like a rematch.

Dubbed as the region’s biggest rivalries, a lot of bragging rights were on the line in this fight from both men.

Yet, everything about this is nuts. Apparently, the feud did not end there.

Tahar Hadbi released a picture of Fakhreddine on his Instagram account, teasing him for being hospitalized after the fight, and for taking a serious groin injury! (Check the Instagram post above. The post was taken down a while after it has been posted)

Tahar Hadbi:

Your “Middle East champ” in his sweetie hospital costume after our fight! Did this guy finally finds his balls?!

The bad blood between these two only seems to have gotten worse. Will we see them settle this feud in the cage again soon?

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