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Omar El Dafrawy scores a highlight KO at UAE Warriors 47

Omar El Dafrawy scored a highlight reel knockout in yesterday’s UAE Warriors 47: Arabia 13 co-me. The Egyptian knocked out Boushehri with a stunning knee strike to the head in the very first round.

UAE Warriors 47 co-main event was a welterweight affair with potential title implications. El Dafawy entered the cage riding a three-fight winning streak. His opponent was Al Bousheiri, a former title challenger in his own right.

Omar El Dafrawy vs. Boushehri fight recap

The bout began with a sign of respect as two fighters exchanged double high five. Al Bousheiri threw the first punch and a low kick, but both missed their target. El Dafrawy responded with a front kick attempt but also missed. The same goes for Boushehri’s other low kick. The Kuwaiti fighter tried to surprise his opponent with a head kick but to no avail. After each fighter threw another kick they finally hit their mark with punches. Surprisingly El Dafrawy decided to gather some distance between him and Boushehri. The Egyptian followed him. Still, both of them were cautious when it came to throwing strikes. Next, the tide turned as this time Boushehri was backpedalling followed by El Dafrawy.

After some back and forth El Dafrawy caught Boushehri’s leg after a middle kick attempt and sent him to the ground with a knee to the body. However, the Egyptian reversed the situation by holding El Dafrawy’s leg and threatening him with a leglock attempt. Omar El Dafrawy pulled him into his open guard and started to throw punches. When Boushehri tried to pin him to the ground El Dafrawy managed to stand up. Both fighters exchanged some strikes with El Dafrawy closing the distance. Next, he clinched with his opponent and threw a knee to Boushieri’s head, instantly knocking him out.

Afterward, Omar El Dafrawy jumped out of the cage and celebrated next to George Saint Pierre, who was present at the event. The Kuwaiti fighter has reasons to celebrate, not only did he show off in front of the MMA legend, but also secured a win over a former title contender and scored a KO-of-the-year caliber finish.

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