“Open Asia All Martial Arts Championship” Concludes at Lebanon’s Antonine Stadium

The Antonine Ghazir Stadium in Lebanon hosted this past weekend the unique of its kind

“Open Asia All Martial Arts Championship” which spanned over 2 days, May 14, and 15. A very well spent 2-day event that tackled various martial arts disciplines, giving the chance for many of the best upcoming talents including children and adults to showcase their skills in a region where martial arts continue to rise in popularity.

“Open Asia All Martial Arts Championship” saw participation from 21 academies in Lebanon including fighters from Portugal, India, Senegal, Iran, Jordan, Syria, and Palestine. Witnessing the sport prosper throughout the country continues to be great, but it seems that the Lebanese MMA Federation has set on a new mission of fostering new generations of talent! The festival featured a huge MMA display held under the patronage of the Lebanese Mixed Martial Arts Federation LMMAF, where a vast amount of fighters from local MMA gyms stepped into the cage to put their learnings to the test.

Present on scene was Lebanese Kung Fu Federation vice president Mr. Naoum Saade and secretary Mr. Bassam Nohra, Referees Committee head at LMMAF Mr. Elie Saade, National MMA Teams Committee president Mr. Fadi Tarraf, and LMMAF general secretary Mr. Hilal Nashar. Also spotted at the festival was Desert Force professional fighter and 2x title holder Mohammad Karaki cornering and leading the way for his amateur team members at team shogun.

Mixed Martial Arts fights results include:

Class A

  • 1st Place: Tiger Muay Thai – 4 Gold Medals
  • 2nd Place: Black Cobra and Team Shogun – 2 Gold Medals
  • 3rd Place: Best of the Best – 1 Gold Medal

Class B

  • 1st Place: Al Hilal Club – 5 Gold Medals
  • 2nd Place: Pythons MMA – 4 Gold Medals
  • 1st Place: Tiger Muay Thai – 3 Gold Medals

Class C

  • 1st Place: Best of the Best – 6 Gold Medals
  • 2nd Place: Gladiators MMA – 5 Gold Medals
  • 1st Place: MASD – 4 Gold Medals

It won’t be long until we head back to the Ghazir Stadium which will be hosting on the 30th of this month the Desert Force 23 event, held under the IMMAF as well, and headlined by crowd favorite Mohammad Fakhreddine. The event will also feature well recognized Lebanese names such as Mohammad Ghorabi, Tarek Suleiman, Yousef Wehbe, and many others.

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  • Can you upload all of the videos and pics of these fights

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