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Open Kuwait Shidokan-Jitsu Tournament Set For February 14, 2014

Open kuwait Shidokan-jitsu tournament is going to be held on 14/Feb/2014 at Sabah Al Salem Judo federation.


Turns out Gladiator Fighting Championship is not the first MMA promotion to hit Kuwait. Warriors War was an MMA event that took place in Kuwait back in 2001 and not only was Bruce Buffer the announcer and John McCarthy one of the refs but UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes, Carlos Newton, Dave Menne, and Jose Landy-Jons were also on the fight card!

The organizers of Warriors War 1 are proud once again to present Open Kuwait Shidokan-Jitsu tournament that will be held on 14th of February 2014 at Sabah Al Salem Judo federation.


The rules are similar to MMA rules except that the fighters will be wearing a Gi and the fight consists of one ‘3 minute’ round. It could be extended to another extra three minutes in case of a draw. In the finals, the fight might be extended to 3 rounds 3 minutes.

A world tournament of the Shidokan-jitsu is also in the works for next year. The event is scheduled for February 13, 2015 and the fight card will feature top talent from all over the world ( USA, Russia, Brazil, France, all the way to Japan).

Kuwait is getting more and more involved in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Multiple MMA, BJJ, and Grappling events in less than a year pits Kuwait as one of the top Gulf countries on the MMA scene.

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