Osama El Saedy Devastates Abdelali Aityachou With Nasty Hammer Fists

Desert Force 16

Riyadh – Osama El Saedy only needed one small gap to turn the tables on Abdelali Aityachou in their bout on the Desert Force preliminary fight card.

Half way through the first round, Alsaedy (1-0 Desert Force) ended the fight after he landed a fury of vicious hammer shots that put Aityachou to sleep and finished the fight.

The light heavyweight bout was part of the preliminary card of Desert Force 16 event at Green Halls Stadium in Riyadh, KSA. It will be aired on MBC Action.

AbdelAli came out quickly, landing a stiff low kick to the new comer. He continued to pressure then engaged with Osama, who in turn set up a lovely Ushimata sending AbdelAli to the ground.

The Moroccan managed to sink a tight and deep armbar that for many seemed to end the fight, yet the powerful man mountain, Osama Elsaedy picked up Aityachou and slamed him twice, then followed up with some heavy hammer fists knocking Aityachou out.

El Saedy managed to turn the progression of events to his sake in a flash, landing hammer fists to the temple before flurrying with more until Referee Yazan Ghattas stepped in to make the save.

AbdelAli goes back on the losing track as the new promotional debutant makes an impressive appearance knocking out the Moroccan bad boy.

Check out Desert Force 16 Photo gallery on this link.

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