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Overwhelming Success at MCS Professional Fight Night 3

Tyre, August 26, 2017 – In an outdoor setting on the sandy beach of Tyr-Lebanon, the MCS held its Professional Fight Night 3 under K1 rules. The ring, set up next to the sea, allowed for a beautiful breeze as the crowd filled the seating area as well as the street to watch the intense line up of fights.

The event began around 9:30PM as colored lights lit up the ring. It saw 6 fights and 12 fighters that thoroughly entertained the fans in attendance. Kicks, punches and blood went flying as the demonstration of skills proved well worthwhile.

Here’s a recap of the night entailed below.

Khalef Ghezal (Algeria) defeated. El Kassem El Khateeb (Lebanon) in the main event of the night.


The crowd erupted in cheers as both fighters entered the ring. This was one of the best fights of the evening, catching the attention of every living form in the vicinity. The high level professionalism displayed by both opponents was exceptional. The first round was the battle of knees vs round kicks. Ghezal exhibited good use of body shots where as Elkhateeb’s clinch and knees. The second round saw Ghezal get caught with a high kick that momentarily dropped him to his knees. However a one punch hit from Ghezal completely knocked out Elkhateeb and ended the match with a right hook. Win went to Ghezal as the crowd elevated their support immensely after the excellent show of skill.

Ali Othman (Palestine) defeated. Redouane Lagha (Algeria)


The co-main event was more of a battle between the Palestinian and Algerian according to the crowd. It saw a spectacular entrance by the Algerian Redouane who walked into the ring in a gladiator outfit. It was a powerful and intense beginning to the fight, with dominant kicks flying from both fighters. Lagha seemed to be very relaxed throughout the fight as he joked around and laughed with hits from Othman. Rapid punch combos by Redouane may have been the fastest of the night as he looked more determined to cause destruction. The Palestinian proved to be a better fighter however as he took the win over the 3 rounds, as his crowd raised the temperature of the night with chants of his name. The moment the match ended, people jumped the ring with sheer excitement and revved up support for their hero of the night. Win went to Othman by 2-1 split decision.

Alaa Yakhne (Lebanon) defeated. Abed Halaby (Lebanon)


This fight was a good match up of talent. Both showed an impressive use of combos and displayed strong focus and pinpointed strikes. Halaby showed big heart, high accuracy and targeted strikes which helped his comeback. Yakhne showed higher amount of landed punches which knocked Halaby twice throughout the fight, and lead to the referee intervening. Halaby was the proud owner of two hard trips landing Yakhme on the floor. Yakhne did a lot of damage to his opponent’s front leg throughout the match but it did not deter Halaby who kept going. The second and third round saw the strength and heart of Halaby, but the decision went to Yakhne who was landing the more significant strikes.

Mohamed Melhem (Lebanon) defeated. Abdel Amir Hammoud (Lebanon)


Melhem used incredibly hard hits of different sorts against the knees and kicks of Hamoud as the first round progressed. It was apparent from the get go that Melhem took the fight more seriously and displayed a higher level of professionalism. Both had different styles and varied greatly with level of energy. The agility of Hammoud allowed for a high kick that was caught aggressively by Melhem who threw his opponent on the floor.

Melhem landed quite a few more punches and seemed to control the majority of the time. The smiles and crazy eyes of Hammoud did nothing to prevent the incredibly powerful and sturdy Melhem, whose hits radiated across the open air like thunder. By the second round Melhem had tired out but the third round saw Hammoud take numerous hits to the temple. The last 10 seconds of the fight saw more of Hammoud’s explosive fighting that lead blood splattering off Melhem’s head after vicious knees landed from clinch. It was still not enough to take the win. Win by decision went to Melhem.

Kassem Attieh (Lebanon) defeated. Abdul Hanna Hanjour (Syria)

This fast paced fight came to an end rather quickly. Both fighters started our strong, aggressive and intense with exchanges of punch and kick combos, but as it moved to a corner of the ring, an exchange of punches, Attie knocked out Hanjour. Win by way of Knock out went to Atiyeh.

Mohammed Rammal (Lebanon) defeated. Omar Halaby (Lebanon)


Both fighters entered the ring looking comfortable with the fight to come. Throughout the rounds, Rammal displayed heavier punching power, while Halaby a wider array of arsenal. The first round saw a little more dominance from Rammal as he used his powerful punch combos and knees. Halaby had the advantage of kicks and spinning kicks. The second round saw a few bloody scraps across Halaby’s forehead gifted by Rammal’s hits as Halaby was knocked several times. It was apparent that Rammal had an easier outlook about the fight as he generated several fakes and jester moves. It came to an end as Halaby was knocked out and the referee called the match to a close. Win by way of knock out went to MCS fighter, Mohammed Rammal.

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