PFL MENA: Full fighter profile and fight predictions for May 10


With the inaugural PFL MENA event right around the corner on May 10th, we thought we would help you get better acquainted with all the fighters that will be competing. Have a read below.

PFL MENA Main Card

Abdullah Al-Qahtani vs Taha Benadoud – PFL MENA Main Event

Abdullah Al-Qahtani 

With an impressive record of 8-1, his only loss by way of a close split decision as well, the “Reaper” who fights out of Saudi Arabia is certainly a fighter to watch out for. Abdullah is a pressure fighter and has a lengthy reach advantage for a featherweight at 74 inches. He is crafty in every department and he has a solid wrestling arsenal too.

The physical strength he displayed against Edukondala Rao in the PFL vs Bellator event would have a lot of fighters and promoters take notice too. In terms of his striking, he has a rudimental but effective style, he likes to stalk, throw straight shots, and throw vicious, power hooks in boxing range.  He also has tremendous power in his right body kick, even stopping a game Nejc Preloznik at Brave FC in 2021 via TKO from the sheer brutality of this strike.

He does, however, have a tendency to keep his chin low when throwing these hooks, which was evident in the way in which he got dropped with his hands low against Rao in his last bout albeit getting the standing TKO victory later on in the bout. 

Expect fireworks to ensue with the 26-year-old Saudi Arabian at all times and we will see this at PFL MENA.

Taha Bendaoud 

The 29-year-old Moroccan fighter is an absolute pleasure to watch in terms of his striking. He adopts almost a wide Karate-style stance and favours his strong left body kick out of the southpaw stance. He is fluid in his stance switching too, and is also very comfortable in the orthodox stance as well.  Bendaoud also likes to deliver thudding leg kicks as well, to hinder the movement of his opponents.  

One gripe I would have about the young Moroccan fighter is that he tends to be fairly one-dimensional and prefers to keep the fight standing. Utilizing a wrestling approach to compete against the Moroccan might be the safest option.

Prediction: Abdullah Al-Qatani by Unanimous Decision.

Ali Taleb vs Nawras Abzakh 

Ali Taleb 

The 26-year-old is a natural finisherHe has a record of 9-1 and boasts a finish-to-win ratio of 88% and only one win coming by way of decision; expect every fight from the Swede to be an adrenaline-inducing affair. Taleb has an absolutely thunderous check left hook as witnessed by his KO win against Kenji Bortoluzzi.

He isn’t just exclusively a knockout artist either, he has a solid submission game as well, as shown by his mounted Guillotine Choke win against Darius Mafi at the PFL European playoffs in 2022.

On top of this, Ali Taleb has also beaten current UFC prospect Vinicius Oliveira by TKO at UAE Warriors 30. So he has proven to be able to beat elite competition too.

Nawras Abzakh 

At 12-5, the “Honey Badger” is a treat to watch if you are a fan of submissions. With wins via neck crank, rear naked choke, arm bar, and guillotine choke, the 32-year-old Jordanian fighter has a wide variety of submission attacks. He is also coming off an emphatic rear naked choke win at MEFC 2 early this year against Azouz Anwar. 

The fight between these two men would interestingly be a rematch, where Ali would get the TKO victory at UAE Warriors. Revenge or repeat? We will find out soon.

Prediction: Ali Taleb by Unanimous Decision.

Xavier Alaoui vs Rachid El Hazoume

Xavier Alaoui 

Fighting out of the famed Tristar Gym in Canada, it’s probably no secret that there are a lot of big expectations coming from Xaxier Alaoui. He has a record of 14-5 and even though he has ended fights with his grappling; (he has notched up 6 wins all by submission), do not sleep on his hands! 

The Canadian has thunderous, fight-ending striking power too as shown by his KO of Fabricio Sarraff at UAE Warriors 31.

Don’t blink when you watch Alaoui fight!

Rachid El Hazoume

The 13-3 Morroccan-born but Spanish-raised fighter is no stranger to fighting top completion. He lost a competitive bout against PFL Europe Finalist; Frans Mlambo and overall has 8 finishes in his career, 5 by submission and 3 by KO. On the feet, he has a methodical approach, opting for a patient Muay Thai style of fighting in the stand-up exchanges. 

Prediction : Xavier Alaoui by TKO.

Islam Reda vs Adam Meskini 

Islam Reda 

The “Egyptian Zombie” aptly named for his forward relentless pressure and fantastic ground game is a joy to watch. The 27-year-old likes to be the aggressor early and he is coming off two submission wins at UAE Warriors. 

Expect him to try and land the early takedown and look for the submission finish as his main objective in his bout against Adam Meskini.

Adam Meskini 

Meskini is a fighter out of France, Paris, and much like his opponent Islam, he has multiple submission and KO wins on his resume. Meskini is also very much a pressure fighter who likes to go forward and maintain a top position.  You can see this by the way that Adam Meskini fought Emrah Sommez at Cage Warriors 148. 

With both men, being forward pressure fighters with solid grappling, I expect this to be an action-packed affair with both men wanting to control the middle of the cage from the opening bell. 

Prediction: Islam Reda by KO.

Tariq Ismael vs Jalal Al Daaja 

Tariq Ismael 

Quite surprisingly, “Dessert Storm” only notched up the first finish of his career in his last win by KO. The 27-year-old has A patient counter-striking manner of fighting; which some would argue has led to the lack If finishes on his record; but no one can accuse the Kuwaiti-born fighter of being reckless.  Tariq likes to read his opponents and adjust accordingly based on the fighter and scenario. A truly cerebral competitor. This is evident in his fight against Cedric Doyle.

Jalal Al Daaja 

Jalal, a veteran within this sport has a record of 11-7 (4 wins by KO, 3 wins by submission and 4 by decision) The veteran has numerous ways in which he will try to win. Perhaps one of the most impressive of his wins was his head kick KO against Mark Alcoba at UAE Warriors 34.   

Jalal has already lost to Tariq Ismael, and has lost his last fight by TKO on top of this, Tariq has probably found extra confidence in the KO power in his hands after achieving his first finish in the last bout

Prediction: Tariq Ismael by TKO

Elias Boudegzdame vs Hassan Mondour 

Elias Boudegzdame

The French-born Algerian fighter is no stranger to making his opponents tap. He has won by triangle choke, rear naked choke, keylock, arm triangle choke, you name the choke; he has probably mastered it A highly skilled competitor with A very solid grappling pedigree, expect him to attempt to make the fight a ground battle. 

Hassan Mandour 

Mandour is a fighter that is no stranger to tough competition. He has fought the likes of Shem Rock; A well-known face in European MMA (Oktagon) and Ahmed Faress (Another rising star in Arab MMA) and has 5 finishes in over 9 bouts. He has shown especially in the ShemRock bout that he can compete with top competition. 

Mandour will prove to be a great test to his opponent, Boudegzdame.

Prediction: Boudegzdame by Submission. 

Hattan Alsaif vs Nada Faheem 

Hattan Alsaif 

Hattan at the age of 22, won gold at the 2023 International Federation of Muay Thai Associations World championships, so best believe her striking is crisp! She also has a lot of pressure on her shoulders too; having been the first female fighter from Saudi Arabia to compete in a major MMA promotion. She has quite the test ahead of her, but many believe she will be able to rise to the challenge. 

Nada Faheem

Not much is known of the 21-year-old Egyptian, but she trains in Kung Fu and MMA and is a fierce competitor. 

Prediction: Hattan Alsaif via TKO.

Maraoune Bellagouit vs Motaz Askar 

Maraoune Bellagouit 

Marouane is a young, 4-0, Morrocan-born prospect with the majority of his wins being by knockout. He is a patient, sniper of a fighter so expect him to try and cork his crisp right hook, which he likes to launch in counter exchanges. 

Motaz Askar

25-year-old, Palestinian-born fighter, Askar is going into his debut PFL appearance off the back of a loss, where he lost fought at APFC 9. He is a fast finisher, with a 9-second win against James Pfeiffer at APFC 7. 

He is also very well-rounded with submission wins throughout his career too, which we may see at PFL MENA.

Prediction: Bellagouit by TKO

Ahmed Tarek vs Abdelrahman Alhyasat

Ahmed Tarek 

Ahmed Tarek is another undefeated fighter From Egypt and is coming off a fantastic Peruvian necktie finish from June of last year. Ahmed is very much a grapple-heavy competitor, so expect him to try and get an early takedown and hunt for a submission finish. This is shown in his bout against Emad Amr.

Abdalrahman Alhyasat

The Jordanian fighter is another undefeated fighter with a record of 3-0. He is still yet to find a finish in his fighting career. He is still young in his career but he has shown he is skilled in all facets of Mixed Martials and very much representative of the new talent emerging from the Middle East. He also competed in the IMMAF World in Abu Dhabi in 2022, where he showed a vast amount of potential we hope to see at PFL MENA.  

Prediction: Abdalrahman Alhyasat by Unanimous Decision. 

Mido Mohammed vs Yazzed Hasanain 

Mido Mohammed 

Mido is a 6-1 Lightweight that competes out of Egypt. He has solid grappling abilities, coming off of a heel hook victory against his last opponent, Benedict Venus, at Zaruba Fight Night 6. He achieved this in under 2 minutes as well. Expect Mido to be highly aggressive and push the pace as he has done in numerous bouts beforehand.

Yazeed Hasanain

26-year-old Jordanian fighter, Hasanain, is undefeated as a professional and adopts a methodical and workmanlike approach to his fighting style. He is great at maintaining the distance, and range and delivering his straight shots precisely.

Prediction: Yazzed Hasanain by Unanimous Decision.

Malik Bashael vs Harsh Pandya 

Malik Basahel 

Malik is 18-2 as an amateur fighter with numerous wins by KO, decision and Submission. Malik is not uncomfortable as to where the bout ends up, however, using his grappling and advanced skills is where he would shine the most.

Harsh Pandya 

Pandya is a fighter by way of India with a record of 3-1. He has two submissions on his record, but in all honesty, his experience is far outweighed by his opponent and massive favourite BashaelTime will tell, but the Indian will have a massive challenge ahead of him on May 10th in enemy territory at PFL Mena.

Prediction: Basahel Via Unanimous decision

Please stay tuned for all live results on the day of PFL MENA on May 10th. We have you covered on all the action! This event is broadcast live from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. To watch live, check DAZN or find your country here for more info on PFL MENA.

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