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Phoenix 4: Mohammad Karaki Violently KO’s Mansour (Video)

Talk about a brutally dominant performance!

The former Desert Force two division champion, Mohammad “O Lutador” Karaki, made a scary Phoenix Fighting Championship middleweight debut by absolutely battering his opponent Alaa Mansour and remaining undefeated as a professional.

Challenging the undefeated Mohammad Karaki for a fight at Phoenix 4 Dubai, the Egyptian got his wish and came in confident of his abilities, believing that he had what it takes to defeat Karaki while also being aware that Karaki was the milestone favorite to win the contest.

Well, Karaki did not give Mansour much of a chance as he quickly shot and scored a takedown early in the round. After that, it was pretty much the beginning of the end for the Egyptian as Karaki relentlessly landed shot after shot, eventually opening and bloodying his opponent’s face up before turning his lights out with a devastating elbow to the chin that knocked him out.

So, what can we expect to see after this performance?

One thing is for certain, Karaki is on a different level since his Desert Force days. His grappling skills and his power are really good, to say the least. That being said, let’s remember that Mr. Chahe Yerevanian stated that Karaki’s next fight will be against the Tarek Suleiman vs. Ibrahim El Sawi winner, which is Tarek Suleiman in that case. Karaki has already fought against El Sawi, defeating him in a 3 round decision, but Suleiman finished the El Sawi at the Dubai World Trade Center via a nasty 2nd round heel hook submission. We know that MMA math doesn’t really work, but it’s good to see an opponent like Suleiman who is also a high level grappler potentially take a crack at Karaki in his next fight.

Check out the violent knockout in the video below:

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