Pythonz Academy Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Championship, Lebanon

The mixed martial arts buzz in Lebanon is growing larger and larger.


The mixed martial arts buzz in Lebanon is growing larger and larger. Now, more tournaments, championships and martial arts events are taking place throughout the country on a regular basis with the aim of upgrading the current and existing level in all contact sports.

La Bastide Café, located on Jbeil main intersection is the location for the first mixed martial arts event to be hosted by Pythonz Academy.

The tournament will take place on three stages and three different dates. The “Elimination Stage” will take place this Sunday, July 20th. Then comes the “Semi-Finals” on September 7th and the “Finals” on October 12. Doors open at 6 PM with the first cage fights taking place at 7 PM sharp.

This event is sanctioned by the Lebanese Mixed Martial Arts Federation (LMMAF) as an amateur tournament. Many local academies and teams have already registered their participations along with Pythonz Academy, including Knockout Academy, Tiger Muay Thai team and many others.

These local clubs have already trained and established several good fighters on the amateur as well as professional level and have competed in several martial arts competitions such as Brazillian jujitsu, Sanda, Muay Thai and mixed martial arts events, always delivering good results. It will be interesting and entertaining, not only to see some new fighters on the block and scout some new talents who might possibly be competing in their first ever mixed martial arts fight this Sunday, but also to check out the current level and evolution of Lebanese fighters and athletes from all these different clubs. For mixed martial arts fans, this is an event surely not to be missed.

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