Desert Force “Vs the World” Recap: Rafat Shawe vs. Majed Sadeeq


These guys both walked in looking huge and dangerous! With the Iraqi being a Karate practitioner and the Iranian being a kick boxing expert, we knew we were in for a stand up war.

Majeed threw a good kick to get proceedings underway, Rafat Shawee then looked for the clinch to try to negate Majeed’s kicking game. Majeed broke the clinch and followed that up with another kick. Majeed then unloaded a nasty left hook that stunned and felled the Iraqi fighter. Finding himself on the ground and in a bad position, the Iraqi grabbed the leg of Majeed and tried to drag him to the matt. Not finding success with that, he worked his way back up to a standing position but was then caught by another nasty left hook that dropped him and spelt the end of the fight! A few more punches to the downed opponent and Majeed was declared the winner!

Desert Force “Vs the World” Recaps

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