Desert Force “Vs The World” Recap: Ramadan Numan vs. Aziz Julaidan


This fight was a classic striker vs ground specialist matchup. Aziz was making his debut in the 66 KG weight category whilst Ramadan was making his Desert Force debut.

Ramadan started well with high kicks, feinting them well and setting them up with strikes. Aziz clinched when the opportunity presented itself and took down the Egyptian fighter and moved well from half guard into full mount and began looking to deliver strikes but the Egyptian’s burpees kept throwing Aziz off his timing. Aziz attempted a rear naked choke and ended the first round on top.

Ramadan started the 2nd round throwing clever kicks but Aziz controlled the center of the cage and closed the distance with a well placed left punch and worked for another takedown and landed in full guard but could deliver little damage from up top.

The 3rd round started very similar to the first two, with Ramadan having a better opening half of the round as he came out knowing that he was behind on the judges cards and would probably lose a decision outcome. Aziz proceeded to takedown Ramadan though but didn’t deliver much damage but clearly controlled the ground game and was correctly awarded the decision victory.

Aziz did come up in his post fight interview and called out Selwady saying he wanted the Shield to come to Saudi Arabia in 2014!

Desert Force “Vs the World” Recaps

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