Rami Aziz Believes Al Sewady is Hallucinating !

I had some time off from MMA, but not from training.


Wonder where Rami Aziz has been? Well his life consists a lot more than just cage fighting. The Nick Diaz effect has taken its toll on the Iraqi prospect as he has been out of the cage and on the streets getting ready for a new goal. Triathlons have been a major part of Aziz’s plan to stay in shape as he juggles work, sports and being the father of two lovely babies.

“I had some time off from MMA, but not from training. I’ve been doing some triathlon training for next year’s Iron Man 70.3 in Sweden. I also now have 2 kids. So with triathlon training I save more time to work and be with my family, as most of the workouts are from door to door.”

As he plans on returning to the cage in 2016, his willingness to face Abdel kareem Al Selwady is as strong as ever. Yet with Selwady’s addiction to face Julaidan in a rematch, this fight seems exclusively tailored to the former champion.
Selwady is persistent in his idea that he deserves to fight against Julaidan for the title shot. Aziz however thinks otherwise.

“I don’t know who is fooling him. Or he is just hallucinating too much. He barely won against Cadet after losing against Julaidan.”

Aziz believes that Selwady is not at the point of being given another shot at taking the title. Aziz, along with many others, will find it **** if Selwady actually lands a rematch and another shot at the title mention Aziz. His performance against Cadet showcased the heart of a true warrior, but his win was not one of a Champion. Rami honestly says time and time again that Selwady should fight him first, or at least one of the top 3 contenders of the Bantamweight category, and not go straight to facing Julaidan due to the his lack in skill. Not only should he face either of those two options, but he must win in an impressive fashion if he wishes to, yet again, go head to head with the current champion Julaidan.

“Julaidan is a much smaller fighter, without any good striking experiences and he should fight in -61kg, still he shut down Al Selwady. Am not saying i deserve a shot yet, but Al Selwady should face a top contender and stop running his mouth. He never called me or Elias or even Chaabane out, but I heard a lot about how he talk s*** in front of his friends that he would destroy me.”

“And Mirza is protecting him as his little kid. For sure next opponent for him will be some nobody from Saudi or Kuwait somewhere.”

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