Rami Aziz: “If Al Hamad Keeps Running, I’ll Fight Haider Rasheed”

With every Desert Force event, more fighters and contenders are coming in with every intent to dominate their division.


With every Desert Force event, more fighters and contenders are coming in with every intent to dominate their division. Recently, the featherweight (66 KG) division has seen many new comers delivering exciting fights and good results. However, one of these fighters feels that he isn’t being taken as seriously as he is supposed to and was not shy to tell about it.

The Iraqi fighter, Rami Aziz, is 7-2 in his overall professional mixed martial arts record. Undefeated in Desert Force with 2 unanimous decision victories over Lois Cadet and Elias Boudgedzdame, Aziz now feels that he is main card material for the next Desert Force event and calls out someone we all know and who he thinks would be a good challenge on his way to a hopeful title shot.


“I greatly enjoy competing for Desert Force who are doing an amazing job promoting the sport of mixed martial arts in the Middle East. At the same time I feel a little overlooked when it comes to more high-profile fights. I have won my last six fights, I am 2-0 in Desert Force and would like to show my skills to a bigger audience by fighting on the main card. I know they won’t give me my title shot just yet and Yousef Al-Hamad keeps running from me, so I would like to challenge their former lightweight champion Haider Rasheed instead. Haider and I are almost similar in age and I think we match up extremely well, so it would be a very exciting fight for the fans and at the same time also a fight I’m sure the fans would like to see. I hope he will accept my challenge.”

It’s been a while since we’ve heard much about the former lightweight champ, Haider Rasheed, after his defeat at the hands of underdog Tarek Hamdi for the Desert Force lightweight title. Although Rasheed, the jujitsu black belt who has a 4-1 record in professional mixed martial arts competition and in Desert Force, stated that he is on a hiatus from fighting and would like to take the time to focus on some upcoming Brazilian jujitsu tournaments, perhaps now is the right time for him to step back in the cage and possibly work his way back to the prestigious Desert Force lightweight title.

A match-up between Aziz and Rasheed would really please the grappling lovers yet, will it be a catch weight? Or will Aziz gain a few pounds just to get himself on the main card? It will be nice to see the former beloved Jordanian champion, Rasheed, back in the cage as well as to see more of what the Iraqi, Aziz,has to offer, fighting on the main card. Stay tuned for what’s next.

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