Ramy Hamed Better Off Fighting A Top Contender

Every fight fan wants to see people getting knocked out or beaten up, that's the main reason a lot of MMA addicts still stick around and watch the sport.


Every fight fan wants to see people getting knocked out or beaten up, that’s the main reason a lot of MMA addicts still stick around and watch the sport. No? Well ok, some of them enjoy the techniques and the hype but deep inside, it’s the Alfa Male vibe that keeps them tuning in one show after the other, so let’s keep it real for now.

Desert Force 18 will be heading to Beirut next week [Monday August 17, 2015], and what does that mean? A truly Lebanese fight card that has some of the top names engraved on it.

Ramy Hamed is one of those persons that delivers when it comes to beat-ups. With an impressive Desert Force debut in which he battered the Spaniard Victor Monfort to his one of a kind Knockout out against Walid Akrouh, Hamed placed himself as of the most dreaded fighters in his division PERIOD.

In a stacked welterweight division crowned by the champ Mounir Lazzez , we would expect to see Hamed face one of the excelling fighters in his third appearance in the promotion. The Lebanese/Russian can thrust himself into a title fight with victory over any of the top four fighters; Tarek Suleiman, Mohammad Ghorabi, Mohammad Fakhreddine, Jarrah Al Selawi; yet that’s not the case this time.

His opponent is surely worth all the respect and will look to put on a big fight as he fights far away from home, but this match up doesn’t really seem to make sense in terms of title contention.

If the promotion is looking for the next challenger, look no further. Find your top 4 fighters, match them up and may the best man for the spot prove himself as the number one contender. Who wants it the most?

Do you agree fellows? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • After df 18 the top 3 welterweight fighters are jarah , ramy and ghorabi
    I don’t think that fakhro and tarek deserve to be in the top 4

    So in the next event jarah vs ramy ….the winner fights lazzez.

    And I would really love to see thabet agha fighting again.

    • I partially disagree with you about Fakhro part, his record is 5-1 which is pretty good

      and if you notice in his match with Al Silawi, al silawi was totally exhausted from the punches of fakhro

      and I assume that if they have a rematch fakhro would win.. That’s my humble opinion 🙂

  • Well

    First I think this is disrespectful to ramys opponent, he has the same record as ramy against opponents in europe….

    Second of all, let’s assume your right…. You don’t think it might be all cooked up? Syfco giving away an apartment to the best Lebanese. Sayfco taking pictures with shogun, trains at shogun, etc…. Then putting ramy on kabl yesterday? And giving him an unknown opponent?! Mark my words, ramy has been prepped to win the apartment even if he loses. I only hope soufian wins to put to rest this shameful act

  • I agree with u hamzah, and i can say ramys fights with unkown oppents till now arent enough to give him a title shut

  • hamed is thr best fighter and a shot vs laziz will b a big ma8n rvent

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