Ramy Hamed Scores another Big Win at Titan FC 46

Fighting out of team JAB in Lebanon, and having recently had his long training camp at American Top Team, Rami Hamed had a successful Mixed Martial Arts welterweight debut fight at Titan FC 46: Torres vs DeJesus, scoring an impressive first round submission over his opponent Isidro Rodriguez.

Coming out of his corner in his usual open stance, Rami Hamed kept a pace in his bouncing movement that made it difficult for his opponent to time any kind of takedown shot against the world class striker. Shortly into the round after landing a few strikes, Hamed landed a surprise liver shot that instantly dropped Rodriguez to the mat. Hamed then followed up by taking his opponent’s side in turtle position, landing some loaded strikes to the side of the head, but was not able to finish Rodriguez who desperately countered by catching a single leg and trying to reverse the position by forcing a takedown, unsuccessfully. Finally, Hamed got turtle position again this time landing a powerful and unexpected modified read naked choke from the side that forced his opponent to submit at 3 minutes and 56 seconds of the 1st round.

Pushing his record to 6-1-0, Hamed has been entertaining every time he steps into the cage, finishing all of his 6 victories thus far in the first round. Not only that, but he actually gets better and better every time he fights. Determined to have a career for himself in the UFC, the Lebanese/Russian fighter’s dream could actually be realized sooner than we can expect.

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