Rany Saadeh | The Longest Reigning BAMMA Champion of All Time

One of the best attributes of a great king is how long he reigns on the throne. Longevity on the throne is actually something the BAMMA Championship was acutely lacking before the arrival of Rany Saadeh. Now, when kings are mentioned, those who reigned for more number of years are exalted by men. It is believed that for people to stay on top for such a long time, they must be doing many things right. In some cases, people that hold positions for a long time are given the legendary and life advisory status.

This is also replicated in the world of sports. In the orthodox sports competitions like football, when you win a title for three consecutive times, you are allowed to take the trophy as your own. That is also why people who score up to 3 goals in a football match are allowed to go home with the match ball.

Rany Saadeh is a German flyweight fighter who was born in Bonn Germany on the 25th of May 1993. The 24 year old fighter weighs 124.4 lbs and is 5’6″ (167cm) tall. He has been in the game for some time and describes his life itinerary as traveling, fighting and eating. He says he just live his dream.

But these are not the things that send his name to the entire world. It is his records as a fighter that does. He has an amazing record of 9 fights at the age of 24. But that is not the breathtaking part of it. It is the fact that he has won 8 of those fights and lost only one, without any draws. This also does not explain in full why people marvel at the sound of his name. People get ecstatic about him because he has been on a 6 match winning streak. His last fight, which happened in September 10, 2016, made it the 6th consecutive win for him and landed him his third consecutive BAMMA title. None has achieved such in that category, and this undisputedly made him the Reign King in the sports.

It placed him as the longest reigning BAMMA Champion of all time. He started by winning the title in 2014 after it has been vacant for some time. He went ahead to defend the title in 2015 and 2016, and he did this in a back to back win in decision time against Shajidul Haque and Andy Young.

After the win, he had to face the cameras, and while doing so, the German said that he suffers from a very rare autoimmune disease. Because of this, he is always on a holistic diet. He went ahead to tell the world that the disease means a situation where some antibodies in your immune system works against the tissues in your body. He posited that the prevalent treatment for this is medication, even though there are some others. He said that the medication is cortisone, and the meaning is that the person must gain weight because of the long term use of the medication.
However, he went ahead to say that he makes efforts to maintain the normal diet. He achieves this through an autoimmune protocol which could be very beneficial. He used the protocol first in 2015 in the bid to avoid adding weight. However, the result is that he defended his title well, without any weight issues. After the medication and fight, he had to correct his body with a therapy, and his weight is no longer a problem for him, at least for now.

However, his titles were not only in the fighting ring, as he was also honored by the Berlin police for a heroic act. He narrated a story about how he developed an infection when he returned from Thailand and was hospitalized. However, his mind was not there as he was visualizing the opponent he will be fighting soon practicing and engaging in fights with others, while he was on the hospital bed.

However, one day, after he was discharged from the hospital, he felt like moving out to get some fresh air and buy coffee for himself. While doing this, he saw a guy stealing and running, and because he loves justice, he pursued the guy, caught him, and held him. While he was holding the guy, the police arrived and took over the case. They later gave him an award for the act. But he said his action was stupid on that day because the guy could have gunned him down if he had a gun.

This courageous act brings his last BAMMA fight to mind. It took him five rounds to defend his belt against Andy Young. He said he can’t recall the plan for that fight. The original flight was scheduled to hold earlier before Andy Young pulled out. That was when his trainer wrote a plan for him, though he did not stick to it 100%. For him, his major plan of taking on the opponent and getting them to miss is what he uses in all games. That is because he believes that every fight is the same.



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