Ref Gives Hani Chehimi Gift Submission Over Mehdi Oulhaci

Desert Force 16

Riyadh – Mehdi Oulhaci seemed well on his way to earn his first win under the Desert Force banner.

Then, in a move as bizzare as it could be, Mehdi finds himself stuck in a triangle choke. Referee Yazan stepped in to stop the fight for no apparent reason, giving Chehimi (2-0 Desert Force) a controversial win and enraging Oulahci along with the crowd, almost all of whom seemed to recognize it for the colossal blunder that it was.

The light heavyweight bout was part of the preliminary card of Desert Force 16 event at Green Halls, Riyadh. It will be aired on MBC Action.

The fight had been one sided with Mehdi Oulhaci clearly dominating all aspects of this fight. With stiff dominant positioning accompanied by GnP and multiple submission attempts Mehdi clearly won the first round. The second round was no different with Oulhaci pressing and pressuring before he gets caught in Hani’s Triangle. The triangle was not a weak one, but no body saw the Algerian tap.

For his part, Oulhaci was adamant that he had never tapped, nor did he have any reason to. The referee gave Oulhaci verbal warning yet according to Mehdi, he did not understand what the referee was saying.

The win, controversial though it was, makes it two straight victories for Chehimi. Oulhaci loses his promotional Debut.

Check ou Desert Force 16 photos on this link.

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