Referee Goes Boss Mode at BRAVE CF 57 [Video]

The co-main event at BRAVE Combat Federation showcased age-old rivalry between Mohammad Fakhreddine and Team Algeria with Mohammed Said Maalem getting finished in the fight and Tahar Hadbi jumping the cage to take on Fakhreddine after a verbal spat. But referee, Aaron Wallace stole the spotlight as he put an end to the chaos restraining Fakhreddine by picking him up to put him back in his corner.

Then as multiple people filled the cage Wallace pushed the Middleweight fighter and his teammate with ease to calm the situation. Wallace did his best to restrain Fakhreddine, who managed to get free and rush the cage intruder with a winging punch. Multiple people filled the cage, and Wallace pulled back multiple men and separated people until cooler heads prevailed.

Ultimately, things got civil enough for both men to meet in the center of the cage for the result announcement to be read.

Earlier, during the fight week there was yet another instance where referee, Scott Manhardt showed pure grit after getting knocked out after a rolling thunder kick landed on him to finish the fight like a boss.

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