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Desert Force 22


Amman, Jordan – A battle between the two welterweights Jarrah Al Selawi and Artem Reznikov was the main event feature of Desert Force 22 Monday night (April 18, 2016). While many viewers felt Reznikov clearly deserved the points, including Desert Force CEO Zaid Mirza, the judges disagreed and awarded Al Selawi the unanimous decision.

Arab MMA Commission representative Rio Altaie talked about this decision after the event:

This is how we saw the fight as we sat down after the event to evaluate the judges performance. The judges were from Jordan, USA and Brazil and they were separated and scores were checked after each round like we do on all events I commissioned.

Round 1: through the first minute, nothing has really happened at all other than a few front kicks by Jarrah and a spinning backfist from Artem which doesn’t land. With 3:24 left, Artem shoots, Jarrah denies the shot, breaks free and lands a body kick. 3:02 remaining, Jarrah throws a knee, Artem catches it, and they hit the floor with Artem in Jarrahs guard. 2:25 remaining artem attempts elbow, jarrah moves and counters with an armbar attempt. Nothing really happens until 1:10 remaining and Jarrah attempts a sweep. Jarrah spins for kneebar at :50 to go, Artem quickly shrugs it off. Back to guard. At :18 left, Artem has landed zero significant strikes on Jarrah and also has not attempted one time to pass his guard. Remember, the guard alone is a neutral position. It doesn’t matter who is on top or bottom in regards to the position- it is totally neutral. Referee stands them up here. Jarrah throws head kick, it lands on arms, and Artem gets a takedown landing in guard where they sit until the bell.

So, for round 1 we have to look at the criteria and evaluate. Since the round was mostly on the ground, we judge grappling first. Artem did indeed show effective grappling twice with the takedowns, but he landed into jarrah’s guard and never progressed past that. He actually never tried to pass. He did throw a few punches, but none landed.

Jarrah from the bottom was moving, he attempted a sweep, he attempted a kneebar (not a good attempt, but was trying) and attempted an armbar. Jarrah was trying to finish the fight more, even from the bottom. It was a very close round, but a takedown into guard with no progression does not win the round in my opinion, unless nothing else happened. We would judge striking next, and Jarrah landed a few kicks from his feet. Artem maybe landed 1 punch from the top while down. Make no mistake, this was a close round.
(10-9 Jarrah)

Round 2: Artem gets the takedown again quick, but uses it more. he was landing punches and a 2:35 left he passed to half guard, while landing punches . Jarrah recovers guard, but shortly thereafter, Artem passes again to half guard. ref standup @ 1:10 to go. :20 left Artem gets another takedown. So the difference in these 2 rounds, was Artem was advancing. He was landing punches. He passed to half guard twice. Artem wins round 2 10-9. There should not be much debate there.
(10-9 Artem)

Round 3: 4:30 remaining Jarrah attempts head kick, Artem ducks under and lands in Jarrahs guard. Jarrah armbar attempt at 3:45 remaining. 3:28 remaining Jarrah pushes Artem off with feet, and stands up. 3:21 they go back into Jarrah’s guard, which one could argue was a guard pull and not a takedown. up until 2:05 artem was on top and throwing punches mainly to the body. Ref stands them up. From that stand up, for the next 20 seconds, Jarrah is on his feet unloading on Artem.

Heavy knees from clinch along with punches. Jarrah guillotine attempt at 1:28 to go. Jarrah gets a full locked in triangle at 110 to go and lands upwards of 35 hammer fists and elbows. Round and fight ends with Jarrah landing elbows to Artem from his guard.
(10-9 Jarrah)
29/28 Jarrah

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  • This is from 1 point of view, you don’t get points for playing jiu jitsu in an MMA fight , though Artem controlled the whole 1st round and the 2nd round, succeeding in several take downs in 1 round is considered as a domination ) and I’m amazed and amused when I read this sentence “Artem maybe landed 1 punch from the top while down” Maybe means that your decision wasn’t accurate ) I’m not here to judge ) but from an MMA fighter’s point of view round 1 is clearly to artem ) so is the 2nd ) 3rd is for jarrah ). No need to explain your false point of view… bring more experienced judges please!!!)

  • plus I dont understand , there was one judge who gave in the 2nd round (9-10) for Jarrah , please explain this judge point of view) How did jarrah win by this judge point of view in the 2nd round?

  • A shame for this Commission and Jarrah, who had lain all fight on his back.. if he is a real man, he should refuse such a victory, and not jump for joy like a child!!!

  • Well thought and analysed, but… did rio really considered the takedown points (remember karaki vs sawi?), cage and fight control…
    And btw, the effectiveness of landed punches (ground and pound) is subjective to each of the 3 judges.. to be as objective as possible, we should try to find out at least whether the golves (when being hit on guard) were touching the face… if so, then I don’t see how that’s not effective, even slightly… anyway, I respect Rio’s opinion and efforts in bringing this, and I don’t think there’s a need to bash Jarrah for his reaction to victory (I’m not jordanian)… I fully respect Jarrah but who knows? Maybe in the back of his head he didn’t see the victory decision coming, so he jumped out loud! 🙂 or maybe he really thought he deserved it…

  • ibrahim, how can he things that he deserved? where he was then when Artem did seven take downs to him ? and where was 3 judges… funny .. and not acceptable… everyone saw and understood (who is not from jordanian lol) what is this judges and what this Commission..

    • For the record I did not judge the fight … we just make sure the judges submit the results after each round and they are not talking to anyone and not on the phone or being influenced by people around . As well as have them go a refresher right before the fights and no two are from the same country of any of the fighters.
      My opinion of how the fights were judged is discussed in a close session. But what’s above is how we saw the fight over all (Notice how we disagreed with how one of the judges scored the second round).
      We evaluate the judging of each fight and make adjustments.
      It’s a work in process and everyone feels they know the rules and I respect all the options even the rude ones. But people need to know we don’t care who wins or looses we just want to get all fighters judged fair and safe.

      • @Rio Al Taei, so the same judges who made Jarrah lose last time felt guilty, so they wanted to make him win this time?

        • Hi Murad, valid questions! Obviously I was a bit sarcastic in my last sentence about the “deserved” thing 😉 lol

        • Good question! I LOL’ed at this:

        • This even makes me question the match-making process.. when someone like Jarrah, Fakhreddin, Ghorabi Ghorabi the likes of DF’s hall of fame lose, seems like they need/want to hit the ground winning again.. u know what I mean? 😉

    • Hi Murad, valid questions! Obviously I was a bit sarcastic in my last sentence about the “deserved” thing 😉 lol

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