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RFC1 Fight Night – Georges Eid (Lebanon) Vs. Thabet Agha (Jordan)

A Controversial Welter Weight Bout when Thabet Agha won by Split Decision over Georges Eid…..

Many Disagreed…. by if you really know MMA and watch closely, you would support the Decision; certainly all experts that have reviewed the Fight Backed it up …. Many Do Not Fully Understand the unified MMA Rules & Regulations, but on our new restructured website we will explain all about it.

It was definitely an Amazing and Close Fight, Both Warriors showed heart and determination … We know if they train harder in pursuit for a Professional Career, they both have a shot to win the Amateur Welter Weight Title Belt later in September (Rematch Maybe ?!!!!!) and head straight to Professional for another shot to climb up that Pro Ladder…..

Excellent Show Guys

RFC Management

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