Rivals Hadbi and Fakhreddine Open Doors for Brave Rematch

While the biggest-ever rivalry in Brave Combat Federation history wasn’t quite settled at Brave 9: The Kingdom of Champions, both Tahar Hadbi and Mohammad Fakhreddine want to leave the controversial No Contest behind them as they look to face each other once again in the promotion’s next event.

Right after their first encounter ended with an accidental low blow by Hadbi, which meant Fakhreddine couldn’t continue, both fighters claimed they wanted the rematch. The Lebanese phenom even went as far as claiming Brave is looking for a January date for their second bout.

“I really hope this fight happens again. I want a rematch with this guy. I asked His Highness Sheikh Khalid and he said he was going to make it happen in January. Hopefully Hadbi agrees to fight me again. Next fight is going to be worse for him. I hope he agrees to fight me. They said January, if he agrees”, claims “The Latest”.

While Hadbi hasn’t thought about a specific date for a new encounter with his arch-rival, the French-Algerian agrees that a rematch should be the next step for both fighters as they look to climb up the steps towards Carlston Harris’s world title.

“Of course the beef is not over yet! This fight has to happen. The end was near for him in the first bout. Everyone told me this was the first time they saw Fakhreddine like that, my game plan was perfect and I could have won for sure. The end was near for him”, says “Fast Hands”.

While a date hasn’t been officially set for the rematch, is safe to say that Hadbi and Fakhreddine will face each other next once again.

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