Rumor Has It: Ibrahim el Sawy To Face Tarek Suleiman

Rumor has it that that middle weight contender Ibrahim El Sawi will possibly face Tarek Suleiman very, very soon in Desert Force Championship.


Rumor has it that that middle weight contender Ibrahim El Sawi will possibly face Tarek Suleiman very, very soon at Desert Force Championship.

Ibrahim El Sawi, the beast of the middle weight division has had two back to back wins under the desert force banner and is looking to comeback againt and fight for the title. El sawi managed to choke the Jordanian Ahmad Oudeh in the first round of their fight at Al Academiya Finale and also finished a tough brawler, Rafat Shawe, via TKO in the first stanza as well in Desert Force 12. Ibrahim El Sawy has always been an entertaining fighter and fast finisher in Desert Force and one more win will surely earn him a shot at the title.

Tarek Suleiman fought and finished a tough striker, Mohammad Sarsar, and put on a courageous show against Abdel Majdoub despite having suffered a sudden knee injury in the fight that barely left Suleiman able to stand through it.

Both El Sawi and Suleiman have been fought of their divisions but seem to fall only a few inches short from grabbing that belt. They both have their eyes set on the middle weight title and both are equally as hungry for another shot at it.

This is a very good match up! The striker and finisher Ibrahim El Sawi against the tough talented Tarek Suleiman, one of the best grapplers in the middle weight division. This is a classical match up, with a twist however!


Tarek Suleiman has been highly developing his boxing and Muay Thai at Phuket in Thailand, whereas El Sawi showed an improvement in his ground game with a submission finish in Amman. El Sawi undoubtedly has the reach advantage against Suleiman, but will that be enough to stop “Aslan” from coming in strong and taking the fight to the ground?

I would say El Sawi has the brutality to knockout Sulaiman yet Tarek has the power to throw the Egyptian around without permission. Hell, he can even throw him outside the cage!! For now, we can only hope that this rumor soon becomes a reality.

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  • Sulaiman has to take it to the ground from the first second in order for him to win it. It would be impossible for him to win this standing.

  • why the hell does this make sense? It doesnt. Suleiman on a 2 fight lose streak agains a guy with 2 wins?! Bullshit rumour

      • Wat kind of crap is that? Rafat Shawee has a 3-4 record and beat Erve Famoe who beat Fatih Ulusoy?! Suleiman ahs beat who? Sar sar? Abu Naim? Come on

  • I think it’s too early for Sulieman to fight Al Sawi who has 4 wins !

    Al Sawi should play against Mounir Lazzez, and who wins shall be granted a title shot

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