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Saad Awad Talks Loss Against Rickels and Spot At Bellator Tournament this September

Saad Awad was robbed in last March at Bellator 94 and thats a FACT!!! Not only did they ruin his 6 win streak and a title shot, they cashed his Fat Check 100,000$ and gave it to David Rickels. David Rickels won the Season 8 Lightweight tournament but surely did not deserve a title shot. Many people felt the fight should not have been stopped , yet nothing was done concerning the decision.

With an interview with ArabsMMA, Saad Awad talks about his controversial loss in the Season 8 Lightweight tournament and being part of the Bellator MMA Season 9 Lightweight tournament taking place at Portland’s Rose Garden Arena on Friday, September 27th.

David Rickels (blue glove tape) vs. Saad Awad
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Since your last fight with David Rickels last March , we never got the chance to know your opinion on that controversial call! Most people watching the fight said you were robbed, even Bellator CEO thought that the call was ridiculous. What were your thoughts after you saw the fight?

I didn’t really have to watch the fight to realize that it was a bad call. It was a tough loss considering the way it happened.When the round ended I was OK! Just a little gassed so I stayed on the mat waiting for my corners to come in(after the round ended) then the ref. came back and called the fight.I learned my lesson! I learned not to rest on the mat after the bell rings because u never know what the ref. is thinking ! . I do feel he cost me the fight but then again I know better then to rest on the mat after the bell rings.

Your hand was broken in that fight! How are you feeling now ? When will we see you fight again ?

Yes I broke my hand 45 sec into the first round. So I had to manage around it and fight smart.After i out wrestled him in the first , i used the same plan in the second pinning him and barely using the broken hand.Things were going as planned until the Ref killed it!

That night after the fight , Bjorn came into my locker and asked me if the ref. said anything to me before he called the fight. I responded No. He said. That’s what I thought cuz we have mic’s and we would of heard him. So he promise me a spot in the next tournament. So y’all better get ready for me this September! I get another chance in Portland Oregon to do it all over again and this time its all or nothing!

Any idea who youll be fighting ?

I was told that i will be facing Martin Stapleton from UK.So now he’s in my way! He’s on an 8 win streak which will surely end this September. It doesn’t matter who honestly , its all or nothing this time !

Palestinian Saad Awad will be back in action this September at the new Bellator tournament ready to take what’s been stolen from him! Surely this will be another great performance from Saad , the crowd will be waiting for more KO highlights from the uncrowned Champ


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